Doppler Flask extension

As a good pythonista, I'm fond of Flask framework for small/medium projects along Django for bigger ones. And, as a security-traumatized guy, I'm also using tools to manage my applications secrets outside of apps themselves. These times, I'm using Doppler which does the job for small projects and offer several useful integrations out-of-box.

For a long time, there was no related python library and, despite having a clear API documentation, I did not took time to build a small wrapper and use it im my projects. Luckily, an official SDK is available and can be consumed in python projects.

As I'm on a small Flask project1, I quickly wrote an extension which injects secrets into my Flask project configuration. Here it is, as-is, caveat emptor. Feel free to amend / bugfix the gist, I may consider publishing a real library in the future.

  1. More on this later, when I have a usable first version. 

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