My life has been quite a mess for the last two weeks. From bad news to existential crisis, I went through almost all sentiments in speed mode.

My father eventually died from ALS. The last months have been difficult for him and the family as a whole as we saw him get gradually locked in his own body. His passing was the most peaceful it could be.

I can't stress you enough to donate to research (french) on this disease.

Following this event, I've been working with my family on all the related administrative chores. French law and administrations are precise on the topic and the planning is constrained1. We were, almost, prepared for the event but we discovered some interesting quirks which had to be resolved; like relying on his SSN for several gov services2 and having it being deleted... There are still many tasks to achieve but we're running at a good pace.

Because of all this whirlwind of ceremonies, tasks, people and discussions, I had to reconsider how my family would handle my passing, especially on on the digital assets and resources I have/maintain. I drafted a document where I'm listing all the tasks, timelines, assets and resources my family would need. I also plan to release a generic version, but french centric, on GitHub for anyone to use it.

This leads me to this article. It stayed in my linkroll for a long time and it now seems really appropriate as a checkpoint for future projects, including this post.

I'll post another article in W23 with more technical stuff as I'm back to work.

  1. Per french law, burial MUST be done under 6 days. A really short timeframe when you're mourning someone to be honest. 

  2. FranceConnect had a rough start but is now really useful and available on many services. 

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