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First post of the year!

For a while, I wanted to migrate my apps & sites to a new hosting company & also stop using plesk. The main concern was, as usual, money-related and I struggled a lot to find a correct alternative to plesk.

Today, I can say I found both: the hosting company and the admin tool.

For the hosting company, I decided to migrate to Hetzner Cloud1 for many reasons, the first one being the price shortly followed by their support of terraform for their cloud offering. And, after a while using them, it's quite good for the price. Yeah, the service offering is not comparable with what big hyperscalers do but for hobbyists/sysadmins like me, it covers the basics.

On the panel side, it was more difficult. Even with all its problems (old code, bloated with functions & slow), plesk still tops the market for a reason: its usability. You can manage a whole server with many domains, almost, without hiccups & everything is running, even mail.

I tried many tools and approaches: Portainer in standalone and Swarm modes, kubernetes with argocd… I was never satisfied as I was more doing sysadmin stuff than developing & deploying my apps. I fondly recommend these tools as they are really good when it's your job to manage them daily. Here, I don't want to repeat during nighttime what I'm doing on daytime. Then, I got a mail from Heroku.

In late august, Heroku team wrote a blog post where they describe what the next chapter will be for the platform. As you may already know, they announced they were dropping the free plans so I had to remove an old app I had forgotten after leaving The food assembly. After removing the app2, I googled "heroku alternative" and followed several links to find Coolify. My search was over as it fulfilled almost all what I wanted to have, especially the "no brainer" deployment and management part. It uses docker under the hood and I was able to reuse all my previous resources and Dockerfiles to quickly and easily deploy my stuff when coolify don't provide any useful resource. It's missing Doppler3 integration for secrets but I already made the suggestion.

  1. Yeah, this is a referral link. 

  2. An app I should open source someday as it may be useful. 

  3. Yes, another one. 


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