A personal podcast app

A personal podcast app

I listen to around twenty podcasts each month. Music, videogames, politics, radio shows, I have an eclectic library.

Currently, my listening app is Spotify. Why? A centralized location for files, offline downloading and it keeps a track of what is played and where to restart between devices.

One major drawback is the inability to add podcasts from another source than their catalog. At least one french radio, RTL, did not add their feed to the catalog as they want to be paid (article in french).

Moreover, I'm fully dependant on Spotify goodwill to keep my feeds, it implies my politics ones, mainly, may disappear without any notice.

So I'm thinking to develop my own dedicated podcast listening app. It would be a "simple" webapp, django based, for feeds management and preview associated with a mobile app, Android at first, for listening, offline and/or online.

The idea is not to offer another service which would have to be monetized someday but something anyone could deploy on their own server as long as they have docker deployed on their server.

If you're interested and want to help, leave a comment below or drop me a line at bonjour[chez]pygillier.me. When I'll really start to develop, I'll let you know.

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