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Bolt extension : IFTTT maker channel

I'm a regular user of IFTTT, and when they enabled their Maker channel, I had to do something with it. First, it started as an experiment which could have gone mad : having a rPi displays user provided images on Paris Web main stage. Luckily, this never saw the light.

As a user of Bolt CMS, wich runs this website, I had to rely on to publish newest entries on Twitter. Not on Facebook as it's a premium feature. I then saw an opportunity to use the Maker channel...

I can now introduce the Bolt IFTTT Maker extension !

This extension will send an event to the Maker channel when a content is published. Using it, you'll be able to publish content to Twitter, Facebook or any available action in IFTTT.

Support and issues are handled on the dedicated GitHub repository.

I published my own IFTTT recipes, feel free to use them !

I hope you'll like it !


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