Like many, I'm always considering how much information I'm giving up to GAFAM and how I can control my resources. Also, Cool URI don't change and, being a sysadmin, I want to operate services by myself.

Two weeks ago, I talked about Coolify and how it helped me get away from Plesk. During this migration, I stumbled upon Awesome Self-Hosted where I discovered a vibrant eosystem of apps, projects to replace many proprietary/closed-sources apps. It was not always easy to deploy apps, for example Linkding, as Coolify has its own quirks. I often had to fork some docker-compose files then update to be usable on Coolify.

But now, my primary services are now hosted somewhere near this website. FreshRSS as the feedreader, Linkding as the bookmark manager, n8n, Kuma and several others are under my control; their URIs won't change as long as I own my domains and I can easily connect them together and remove silos. There is only one missing part in this setup: a SSO solution where I'll be able to also use my Yubikey, Authentik seems to be a good contender.

The last service I'm still trying to find a correct self-hosted solution is Mastodon but, due to its design, I think I'll stay on mas.to for now.

Cover by Taylor Vick on Unsplash

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